Thanks and Good Bye

In May of 2011 I started I had hoped that the site would attract a large audience of car enthusiasts and be a vehicle (no pun intended) for me to express my opinions about my biggest passion – cars.

While the second part came true, the first part didn’t. The site never attracted much of a following. My twitter account that supports this site on the other hand has had good traction so I’ll keep it alive.

I’ve decided to open a site dedicated to my new Porsche 911 called – and I’ll update that site regularly with Porsche-only news. The MyCarLoves Twitter feed will continue to be a place to find both Porsche and other car news.

Thanks to everyone who visited this site regularly. I appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed the content. Good bye for now.

6 thoughts on “Thanks and Good Bye

  1. Thank you for taking the time in creating and posting! Sorry to see it go but looking forward to and will be reading the feed.

  2. I’m sorry to see this site go away. I read it every day. I will however go to your site since I am also a Porsche owner.
    Thanks for everything!

  3. Your efforts here was one of my default browser tabs that opened when I started my browser every day. Sad to see you didn’t get the volume to make it worthwhile.

    Good luck with the Porsche content/site: may you have either lots of followers or a cathartic experience talking to the world. 🙂

  4. Scott, like the others have said, I’m sorry to see this site die. I, too, looked forward to reading it every day. I’ve enjoyed reading about the additions to your automotive stable, and look forward to your Porsche 911 adventures.

    Best, brandon

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